Soon, sunglasses may have one more function. Nowadays sunglasses are no longer just a necessity to protect us from the sun, they have already acquired a status of “must have” regarding fashion. Every great selfie must have a pair of sunglasses.

Imagine we could pay our bills with our sunglasses

Yes, one day it might be possible. At SXSW, VISA unveiled a prototype of sunglasses that can be used to pay for regular purchases. A small NFC chip is integrated on the glasses and is linked to the user’s Visa account. So, instead of passing a debit card or placing a pin, it is enough for the user to tap the payment terminal to complete the transaction.

The glasses are not yet available for sale. Visa is testing the marketing approach to assessing the demand for these glasses and potentially getting a brand or bank to sponsor the implementation.

Rafael Piloto
Passionated about technology, startups, and gadgets, I see innovation as the motor of economy and people with new ideas as it's fuel. I believe that every single one of us can create something new that can benefit the world. BBallMaster was created by me and it's one of my first creations, it's not as big as I thought it would be, but it's more exciting than I ever thought it could become.