You might have already noticed that we added last week a new section to BBallMaster. The coupons area was built to group coupons and big discounts from high rated online stores.

Using this you’ll be able to get your favorite gadgets and pretty much every object you want with an even lower price. We want to help you get the best of online shopping without spending too many $$.

How to use the online stores coupons?

At this moment there are two kinds of coupons, the ones with a coupon code and the others that automatically applies just by clicking on the link. Remember that when you use the ones with the code you need to copy the code and use in the “Cart” page of the online store.

Why some prices get higher with the coupons?

When you select an item that is flash sale it’s not worth to use a coupon since the “flash” discount is higher.

Is it safe to buy online is this stores?

We just add certified stores which have a high number of recommendations and high ranks on certifying entities like TrustPilot.

Also, they all have a money back guarantee and support 24/7.

If you are afraid to spend money online, I advise you to read some articles about PayPal security. You’ll certainly understand that the risk of getting robbed and hacked while using PayPal is very low, and even if you get that kind of situations you would get immediately refunded.



Rafael Piloto
Passionated about technology, startups, and gadgets, I see innovation as the motor of economy and people with new ideas as it's fuel. I believe that every single one of us can create something new that can benefit the world. BBallMaster was created by me and it's one of my first creations, it's not as big as I thought it would be, but it's more exciting than I ever thought it could become.