Uber is one of the companies that has caused more controversy over the years in which it has provided its service. If in the United States it is accepted and used by all, in Europe it has not managed to solve all the issues.

Uber was banned from Italy and must cease its services immediately

The latest case comes from Italy, where a court has decided that the company must now end its services and leave the country.

The decision of the Italian court, the city of Rome, was known last Friday and is very clear. The company must immediately cease the service it provides and must do so within 10 days.

The case originated from a complaint by the main association of taxi drivers in the city, with the same allegations that have already been used in other countries over the last few months.

Uber must now stop the Black, Lux, Suv, X, XL, Select and Van services, as well as promoting or announcing its services in Italy, according to Reuters.

This is a first decision, from which Uber can appeal to a higher court within 10 days. If its appeal gets accepted, Uber will be able to delay this decision by 2 months, while maintaining its services.

If the superior court decides again favorably to the taxi drivers, confirming Uber’s prohibition to provide his service, it must be definite, thus expelling the company from the country. Ignoring this decision by the company should have a high cost to the company. The fine will be 10,000 euros per day.

This is a decision that could serve as a basis for other processes in other European countries, reversing many of the decisions already accepted, leading Uber to have bigger problems in other countries.

Rafael Piloto
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