Singapore it’s not a big country, it has only 5.5 million people. Would you believe a country with less population than New York would have a $452 million GDP? It is twice the GDP of Portugal, which has 10 million inhabitants.

This happens because they have a great education, health and security systems and their taxes are lower than most of us are used to. For this and many more reasons this country was considered the world’s top location for ease of doing business. In other words, it’s considered the Asian’s Silicon Valley. Even better than Europe’s Silicon Valley.

Singapore River

As Singapore’s startup ecosystem grows, I choose some of best to present you this top 5 Singapore startups:

Category: E-Commerce
Total Funding: $686M
Description: Lazada was found in 2011 and it’s a Singaporean e-commercecompany founded by Rocket Internet. The Rocket Internet-backed company operates in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand.
Couple months ago, in April 2016, Alibaba acquired a controlling stake in Lazada. A position that cost 1 billion dollars to the Asian giant group.

Category: Transportation
Total Funding: $680M
Description: Grabtaxi it’s the Southeast Asia’s leading ride-hailing platform. The taxi-booking app was launched in 2012 by Anthony Tan and Tan Hooi Ling, both Harvard Business School graduates. When the owners pitched the idea in Harvard Business Plan Competition in 2012, they got the second place.

Category: Fintech
Total Funding: $3.2M
Description: Codapay is an alternative payment gateway founded in 2012. It’s mostlydirected to Southeast Asians since many of them do not use debit or credit card. With Coda Payments they can have access to direct carrier billing, bank transfers, cash payments at convenience stores and physical vouchers. Payments can be made on the Internet, with mobile phones, or in-app.

Categoria: Real Estate
Total Funding: $183M
Description: Founded in 2006, Property Guru is the Singapore’s leading property portal anda flagship website of PropertyGuru’s Network – Asia’s Property Guru. It’s used by over 4.5 unique users.

Category: Marketing
Total Funding: $220.6M
Description: Business Insider ( called this startup“probably the Biggest Non-Public Mobile Ad Business on the Planet”. InMobi is focused in mobile advertising having two big concerns: personalized advertising; mobile user experience. They succeed at both of them and InMobi’s mobile advertising ecosystem is now considered the world’s largest mobile ad network.

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