It’s not a normal day, the numbers talk for itself. In 2015, shoppers spent $4.45 billion online on Black Friday and Thanksgiving Day, according to Adobe. Meet the story behind Black Friday.

Black Friday emerged in the United States in the 1960s. Retailers created an annual sales action targeting Christmas shopping, as well as renewing inventory for the new year. The date chosen is every Friday after Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is on the fourth Thursday of November.

Although the name suggests that the promotion is on Friday, some stores start on Thursday, others continue through Monday. Some even extend the discounts for the entire week.

There are two theories for the name, some suggest that it is a reference to the financial reports of the establishments, where red means loss and black profit, therefore the black name results from profit in increased sales. Others believe that the name is due to the huge queues people make at the front door of the store, causing a lot of street clutter, newspapers covering the subject began to use the term headlines as if that were a bad thing.

It’s worth to be aware, researching a lot and comparing prices to ensure good business, having a sense of the price of the desired product also helps a lot to get good deals. An important fact to note is that delivery, payment, and return policies often change in this discount season.

In recent years the online stores, mainly the Chinese, have joined this event and the prices sometimes are ridiculously low. Our affiliate partner, GearBest is a good example of this kind of stores. We promise you that we will be alert and publish the best discounts so that you better enjoy your Black Friday.

Rafael Piloto
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