Norway is one of the countries where the adoption of electric cars has been quite favorable. Maybe that’s why it’s the country that can surprise us when we look at a parking lot that has 102 charging stations for electric vehicles.

This car park located in Oslo isn’t only the largest charging station for electric cars, but it is also the one that is more modern and ambitious. Of the total of 102 charging points, two of them are fast charging at 55kW, two others are fast charging at 22kW, while all others are slow charging at 3.7kW. Despite this, the park managers are planning an upgrade to 22kW, and the stations are already prepared for it.

However, it is not just the charging capacity that leaves us stunned. In fact, the ability to discharge the batteries is the most interesting point. Confused? We explain.

The current charging network allows it to work in two directions, which means it is possible not only to charge the batteries but also to recover some of the energy that had previously been supplied, to re-inject in the network. This allows you to have maximum performance within the network.

Another interesting point of this charging network is the fact that there is an energy backup if the demand is too high for the existing supply. There are 50kW which are used in demand spikes when there are many cars charging at the same time. This way, it is possible for a battery to directly feed the charging stations, thus reducing the impact on the electric network. Note that this system is scalable, so they can add more batteries if necessary.

Rafael Piloto
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