Gogoro can still be considered a startup, but this company has managed to raise more than 150 million euros since it was founded in 2011. The trust obtained from investors has two faces: Horace Luke and Matt Taylor. Respectively, the CEO and technical director of the company, these entrepreneurs have created an enviable curriculum, which includes leading development teams at HTC, and at Microsoft. Gogoro it’s the transport of the future.

Smart Scooter Gogoro

In Taipei, Taiwan, it is already possible to use Gogoro since past summer. Unlike other electric vehicles, users of this scooter do not have to worry about the time it takes to charge the batteries because the system relies on a network of 100 machines scattered around the city where it is possible to change a battery discharged for a charged battery. Or two batteries, because “the division of the batteries into two modules allows any user to handle them without great physical effort”. In fact it seems very easy to change the batteries, since each one weighs less than 10 kg.

An app on your smartphone lets you find the nearest station and ensures access to the network. All wireless. But the use of technology doesn’t stop here. The computers that manage the infrastructure constantly analyze the condition of the batteries, the habitual routes of the users and even the energetic cost. From this mode it is possible to guarantee that the charged batteries are where and when they are needed and that the charging is carried out during the periods of greater availability of the electric network.

Although Horace Luke points it’s startups services for “megacities with more than 10 million inhabitants”, Amsterdam, which has less than a million, will be the first European city to receive the scooter made in Taiwan in February. The heads of the company say that there are no more concrete plans for the rest of Europe yet, but “the goal is to expand the network to other cities”. The prices are not yet perfectly defined, but the scooter should cost around 3000 euros and the monthly fee, which guarantees unlimited access to the system of exchange of batteries, should be close to 20 euros.

Gogoro’s Profile
Founded: 2011
Industry: Transportation / Mobility
Innovation: Electric scooter with a fully managed batteries network
Founder: Horace Luke, Matt Taylor
Headquarters: Taipei, Taiwan
Size: 300 employees
Valuation: –
Revenue: –
Website: https://www.gogoro.com/
Last update: December 2016