An investigation by Bloomberg New Energy Finance reveals that by 2030 the price of electric cars will have such a sharp decline that they will be cheaper than gasoline cars.

The cause of this decrease is the reduction of the cost of production of the batteries, which currently have an impact of about 50% on the final value of electric cars.

In fact, according to Renault, the cost of producing electric cars is expected to equal the costs of cars with internal combustion engines (gasoline, diesel, and LPG Auto) by 2020, at least for their electric models (ZOE and TWIZY).

With all this, it is expected that an electric car that today costs € 40,000, will cost about half in 2030.

Evolution of electric car prices
Evolution of electric car prices

As the graph illustrates, between 2016 and 2030, the impact of the cost of batteries in the final price of electric cars goes from 48% to 18%, thus justifying the reason for the reduction of prices of this type of vehicles.

If you are already thinking about buying an electric car, your wallet will thank you for waiting until 2020.

Rafael Piloto
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