Defined Crowd is a Portuguese startup based in Seattle that is creating platforms that ‘purify’ the natural language data to be used by machines with artificial intelligence.


The company began a year ago and did not take long to achieve large international customers. Leveraged by $200,000 of seed capital of Microsoft Ventures, won large companies that are part of the list of 500 largest companies of the American magazine “Fortune”. Daniela Braga, 38, executive chairman, is proud to have founded one of the few technology startups that from the first day raised customers and generated revenues.

Last week, the prospects of Defined Crowd to accelerate growth further gained consistency with the funding of 1.1 million dollars from two tech giants, Sony and Amazon groups (through Sony Innovation Fund funds and Amazon Alexa Fund) and also of Portugal Ventures and Swan companies, American capital, and Busy Angels, the Portuguese capital.

The resulting investment will enable the Defined Crowd to recruit and increase international business outside the US in the next 18 months. “We are able to increase the team of 6 to 18 people by the end of the year. The team of research and development, which is in Lisbon, will grow to 12 people, mostly software engineers and data scientists. Seattle will have five experts in sales” says Daniela. With this enhanced team, the company will develop a version in SaaS cloud – Software as a Service their platform as a service that will “innovative features of artificial intelligence in data streams.”

Defined Crowd’s Profile
Founded: 2015
Industry: Big Data & Artificial Intelligence
Innovation: Platforms that ‘purify’ the natural language data
Founder: Daniela Braga
Headquarters: Seattle
Size: 18 employees
Valuation: –
Revenue: –
Last update: September 2016

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