Wednesday, 21 March, 2018
Top Innovations

Top Innovations

We present you the top innovations in the world in this category.

Image of Parking lot with 102 electric charging stations in Norway

Parking lot with 102 electric charging stations | Norway

Norway is one of the countries where the adoption of electric cars has been quite favorable. Maybe that's why it's the country that can surprise us when we look at a...
Google reCAPTCHA I'm not a robot

New Google reCAPTCHA without testing or challenges

Google's reCAPTCHA is the leader of the CAPTCHA services available. This service essentially serves to distinguish humans from computers (aka bots). Throughout the web, millions of websites use this service, mainly...
Image of Porsche 911 GT3 2018 on the road

Porsche 911 GT3 2018, the beast is back

Powerful and aesthetically magnificent, the GT3 is a quality Porsche 911. Unlike the entire 911 line, the new GT3 retained its origins without a turbocharged engine. Compared with its predecessor, the old...
facebook reactions 2016

300.000 Million Facebook Reactions in 2016

On February 24, 2016, Facebook introduced the 'Reactions' 'Love', 'Haha', 'Wow', 'Sad' and 'Angry'. Reactions allow the Facebook user to demonstrate a variety of expressions and show their friends how they...
Ninja Spink Challenges App

Ninja Spink Challenges, a new success by Flappy Bird creator

The creator of Flappy Bird has released a new game for iOS and Android, the addiction remains. Flappy Bird, one of the most addictive games of recent years, dethroned only by Pokemon...
Volvo LifePaint Cyclists Safety

LifePaint – Improving Cyclists Safety

During the year, several accidents occur on the road involving pedestrians and cyclists due to lack of signage or lack of visibility. To prevent nighttime accidents, Volvo has developed the LifePaint which...
McLanren Formula 1 Car and Rm 50-3 Watch

The newest one-million-dollar toy it’s a McLaren’s watch!

The RM 50-03 is one of the most sophisticated and lightest engineering works developed in collaboration with a McLaren. It is proposed for 1 million dollars. Have you guessed what it...
imagem com vários smartphones samsung e iphone

Smartphone of the year! Most powerful smartphone of 2016

The year 2016 has already ended, but let’s not forget that some great smartphones were created in that year. As usual, some equipment has emerged and redefined industry rules and opened...
Imagem do Tynker Programacao para criancas

Tynker: Teach kids to code in a fun way

More and more children are curious, thirsty for knowledge and this need also arises much for the easier access to technologies and information. So as a way to connect the useful to...
Image Presentation of Sea Hero Quest app

Sea Quest Hero – Game app that can cure Alzheimer

Sea Quest Hero. It’s the name given to the research game, developed by Deutsche Telekom and the non-profit Alzheimer's Research UK, considered the first smartphone game to support scientists in the...